Jane B. Dahlke, M.D., P.C.

Boarded Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist in Nebraska

There is a lot more to life than what is happening in it at the moment. You are much bigger than your situation, and Dr. Dahlke takes great pride in counseling her patients and helping them understand this. Beginning with an appointment to assess the issues that are bothering you, Dr. Dahlke listens to accurately determine the best course of action to take when helping you overcome your issues.

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Listed below are common problems that Dr. Dahlke treats. While they are a good resource for your potential issues, please schedule an appointment with Dr. Dahlke at (402) 397-6160 for an analysis. Just as no two people are the same, no two problems are exactly the same. Your issues are deserving of our attention.

Depressive Disorders

Depression is a common mood disorder but is also very serious and can be expressed through periods of mania and depression. These disorders can impact the way that your child thinks, feels about himself or herself and others, and how he or she goes about daily activities. They can also affect your child's working, eating, and sleeping patterns. Do not worry. If you believe that your child may be bothered by depression, please contact us as soon as possible so that we can begin overcoming this obstacle together.

Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety is natural, and most people experience this in their lifetime such as before a big test or date; however, please do not take anxiety lightly. Anxiety disorders can lead to panic attacks that cause pain and feel similar to heart attacks. You do not have to suffer the effects of anxiety long term. Please contact us so that we can begin overcoming this obstacle together.

Oppositional Defiant Problems

Anger that our children experience during their youth is common, often stemming from a lack of sleep, hunger, and stress like everyone else. This defiance tends to ease over time with life experiences and growth. Oppositional Defiant Problems however are serious and tend to last for longer periods of time, ranging 6 months and longer. Allow Dr. Dahlke to help and assess your child or adolescent. Contact us as soon as possible so that we can begin overcoming this obstacle together.


Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, better known as ADHD, is a developmental disorder impacting your child or adolescent's ability to control his or her behavior, focus, and regulate activity. For your child, normal activities and class participation can be a daunting task. You are not alone. Millions of children suffer from this disorder, and with help from a competent professional, such as Dr. Dahlke, your child can live a normal life and feel empowered in typically stressful situations. Call Dr. Dahlke today at (402) 397-6160 and get the help that your child needs.

Bipolar Affective Problems

Bipolar disorder is typically characterized by periods of depression followed by periods of elevated moods. This is what many in our profession refer to as "Bipolar Mania". Dr. Dahlke can treat for this disorder with both counseling and medicine to help stabilize your child's mood. Please do not feel alone. Millions deal with Bipolar disorder daily and live happy healthy lives. Contact us as soon as possible so that we can begin overcoming this obstacle together.


Schizophrenia is a mental disorder characterized by the affected individual's difficulty or inability to distinguish the difference between reality and what is not real. This can lead to an individual having abnormal social behavior and becoming withdrawn. Contact Dr. Dahlke today at (402) 397-6160, and let's overcome this disorder together. You can have schizophrenia and live a relatively normal life.